Femta Ovulation Calendar

Femta Ovulation Calendar 3.3

An application created for making it easy to keep track of all woman's periods
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Femta Ovulation Calendar is an application created for making it easy to keep track of all woman's periods and to get interesting related information.
During each cycle there are only a few days in which you can become pregnant in each cycle. With Femta you can easily determine these days and plan your intimate life. You can use the natural method of contraception based on calculation of these days. All the calculations are based on your own personal data.
Femta is the only application that gives you all of these great features:
* A very easy to use interface
* The perpetual calendar with possibility to display from 1 to 36 months simultaneously
* Five types of charts, calculated using the data of your past periods
* Easy browsing of the calendar and charts
* Synchronized moving on the calendar and charts
* Convenient viewing of your periods and the calculated data in the calendar
* Easy to record or change dates of your period in the calendar
* Fast access to all important functions from the pop up menus, tool bar or main menu
* Automatic checking of possibility to record a period at chosen date to prevent mistakes
* Very configurable :
o Easy to change any colors of the calendar or charts
o Easy to change the fonts of the calendar or charts
o A lot of settings for displaying the calculated data
o Different forms for changing of preferences of the calendar, charts, and general settings
o Preference forms contain the calendar and charts with the real user data
o Immediately view changes in the calendar and charts
o Several predefined color sets
o User can create and save custom color sets
o Easily hide or show charts or other program objects
* Automatic saving of the configuration
* The easy-to-use Wizard with explanation of all user actions
* WYSIWYG Print preview with a lot of possibilities
* Undo the last actions
* Possibility of using a start-up password for user privacy
* Compatibility of the Femta database between versions and easy upgrade to the newer versions of Femta
* Context sensitive help from anywhere in the program
* Easy and thorough installation / uninstallation program
* Year 2000 compliance

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